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For a better conservation

through community awareness

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Save the most threatened

of the Madagascar's birdlife

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Save the natural habitats

of the four biomes

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Madagascar Birding Association believes that the conservation of the birdlife depends of the community consciousness and awareness.

Madagascar Bird Conservatiion association - MBA

Bird conservation

We are trying hard to participate in the protection of the birds through different angles and activities.

Research supports

We strive to find support for young students and researchers to achieve their goals and to publish the result of the studies.

Community education

Local communities are the main stakeholders of the preservation of the birds of Madagascar. Providing them the necessary knowledge and awareness will make a big difference.

Our goals

  • Reach the base with knowledge to be more effective in conservation.
  • Competency reinforcement of the conservation stakeholders including the researchers, the local community and students.
  • Promote the preservation of the Birds of Madagascar through education.
  • Encourage the public to love and to protect the birds.
  •  Promote the importance of birds in the natural, social  and economical environment of Madagascar.
  • Promote the ecotourism in order provide extra incomes to the community and funds for the conservation.

Who are we ?

We are local association of Malagasy scientists including ornithologists and entomologists, as well as expert birders.

We are aiming to make the birds conservation and preservation more effective.

We are also striving to participate in every stage of the preservation of the Birds of Madagascar.

We believe that the local community are the key players in the conservation and worth to be supported to acquire knowledge and awareness.

For a better conservation of the Birds of Madagascar

Would you like to join us ?