Founded in June 2019, Madagascar Birding AssociationMBA- was born by the initiative of the listed members below in order to actively participate in the protection of the Birds of Madagascar.

Registration number: 891/19-MID/SG/DGAT/DPID/ANT/ASSO

Head office: 

145MB Mandrosoa Ivato
105 Antananarivo 

Email: info@madagascarbirding.org

Madagascar Birding Association members with His Excellency Mr. Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Madagascar, Dr Phil Boyle at DLC Center, Anosy Antananarivo


  • To promote the protection and preservation of Madagascar’s birds through education, awareness and popularization of knowledge.
  • To be a reference in field of ornithology, for Madagascar.
  • To develop the know-how of its members and partners on Madagascar bird watching and its conservation
  • To promote the importance of birds on the natural and economic environment of Madagascar
  • To promote exchanges between scientists, researchers and connoisseurs as well as between citizens.
  • To promote exchanges with other national and international associations
  • To encourage national and international bird watchers to come to Madagascar
  • To encourage and assist researchers in the field of ornithology


Professor Hajanirina madagascar

Professor Doctor Hajanirina RAKOTOMANANA – Honorific President

He is a distinguished Professor Doctor  Ornithologist – Department of Zoology and Animal Biodiversity – Faculty of Science at the University of Antananarivo.

Vice-President of the University of Antananarivo – Research and Innovation.

President of Full Professor Association in the Universities of Madagascar.

Chair person of the ATBC 2019 in Madagascar – (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation )

Manda Razakavonison – President

Professional Birdwatcher and Tourism Expert.

Bruno Raveloson Andrianditsomalaza – Vice President

Active researcher at the University of Antananarivo and consultant for several conservation NGOs – Expert birder guide.


Dr. Rija Sylvain Rakotosoa – Chief Reseach Officer

Researcher at the University of Antananarivo. Specialist of forest birds and the reproduction of Vangas.


Active birder and management specialist.

Falimanjato Randriamandimby – Secretary

Field birder and analyst. Tourism expert.

Management specialist.

Dr. Andrianaivo Ravomiarana Ranaivosolo – Advisor

Entomologist – Zoologist et Biologic Anthropologist – Researcher at the University of Antananarivo